The Svit Programme is the national screening and early detection programme for colorectal cancer. Joining the Svit Programme saves lives!
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... that colorectal cancer is an insidious silent killer in Slovenia, since more than 1,600 people develop this kind of cancer every year. See more »
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Metka Krivic Rožič

Hi. Firstly, I would like to thank you for saving my sister with your fast screening service. A vital 56 year old woman, slender, non-smoker, who pays attention to her health by leading a healthy diet and regular exercise, but still it happened. She responded to the letter she received from Programme Svit and got her faeces tested.

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When you receive the invitation to the Svit Programme, please read it carefully, sign the Statement of Voluntary Participation in the Svit Programme, and send it back to us.


You will receive a set for collection of stool samples. Please follow the enclosed instructions and send us the samples in enclosed envelope.


If your test results are negative, you will be invited to Svit Programme in two years after you’ve received the invitation in current screening round. However, if your test results are positive, you will be referred to a colonoscopy, where a specialist doctor will determine the cause of bleeding.