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Vision and mission

The vision

The vision of the Svit Programme is to timely detect precancerous changes and colorectal cancer for in as many people from target population as possible.

The mission

Ministry of Health of the RS developed the Svit Programme in 2007, whose mission is to provide a high-quality screening and early detection programme for colorectal cancer for citizens of the Republic of Slovenia in the age target group. Screening for colorectal cancer is especially effective. Because we can successfully treat early detected cases with timely polyps’ removal and thus even prevent cancer.

The mission of the Svit Programme is thus the reduction of colorectal cancer morbidity and mortality and the increasing of the share of found precancerous changes in rectum and large intestine.

One of the aims of the Svit Programme is that at least 70 % of invited persons will actively participate in the Programme. Thus, it is essential that we achieve completely new actions, some new attitude towards health, a great level of trust and gain new skills. Each individual must follow several steps when they join the Programme.

Successful implementation of the Svit Programme can prevent suffering for patients as well as for their family members and can even prevent colorectal cancer.

Programme management


Dominika Novak Mlakar, MD, finished her studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana and specialised from public health. She enrolled the Interdisciplinary after graduate Biomedicine study ate the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana. She has years of experience from different fields of public health. She started her professional career in Community Health Centre in Ljubljana at CINDI Slovenia, where she actively worked on smoking cessation programmes and education of individual and group counsellors for help in smoking cessation since 2000. Following the example of call centres for help in smoking cessation abroad, she established a counselling line in Slovenia in 2006. She actively participated in the preparation of the Regulation on the operation of smoking cessation counselling line, which was introduced by the Ministry of Health in 2008.


In 2006, she participated in the preparation of documents for the development of the National screening and early detection programme for colorectal cancer – the Svit Programme and she has participated in its implementation on national level since 2009. She is employed at the National Institute of Public Health since 2009. From 2010 to 2013 she managed the Svit Department. She is a member of various Slovene professional associations in the field of public health and a critic for Zdravstveno varstvo journal.

The Call Centre

If you dial +386 1 620 45 21 you will reach highly trained professional from the field of gastroenterology and oncology. Employed in the Svit Call Centre will be happy to answer all your questions on the Svit Programme, treatment process, colorectal cancer and any other questions regarding your participation in the Svit Programme. If your test results were positive, call the Call Centre, where you will discuss the most suitable time and place for your colonoscopy examination. You can call them from Monday to Friday between 9.00 AM and 2.00 PM.

Since the employed in the Call Centre deal with sensitive personal data on a daily basis, they sign the Statement on personal data protection, which determines that they will not forward these data.

Employees in the Call Centre work on a very professional level and the offer you detailed information on colorectal cancer and the Svit Programme. The kindness and persistence of the Call Centre motivate many people to respond to the Svit Programme invitation. They are pleased when the disease is detected early enough to be successfully treated or even prevented.

Post terminal

The post terminal is very important for Svit Programme since it is responsible for timely sending out Svit Programme invitations for the target group of people aged 50 to 74 years. They also fill in the central system data obtained from returned Statements on Voluntary Participation in the Svit Programme, as well as for sending reminders to those who did not return this Statement. They are happy to prepare and send out negative occult blood test results.

Since they deal with sensitive personal data on a daily basis, they sign the Statement on personal data protection, which determines that they will not forward these data.

Employed in the Post terminal are gladly doing this hard work because they are a small and effective team, which can overcome every obstacle in their way. They realize that they are a pebble in the mosaic, which enables the operation of the live-saving Svit Programme.


After you have checked whether you have written both dates of stool samples collection and that both containers are inserted in a plastic bag with your data, sealed and sent, your shipment arrives in Svit Programme Central laboratory. Employees first check whether samples are suitable for analysis. Then, in case of suitable samples, they enter the data of the person who sent the sample into a computer system and analyse the samples. Based on the analysis, they prepare a test result, which is sent to the user. Within a week after receiving your samples, you are informed about the laboratory test results.

Since employees deal with sensitive personal data on a daily basis, they sign the Statement on personal data protection, which determines that they will not forward these data.

They perform their work meticulously and precisely because they are aware of their responsibility. They perform their work with optimism because they know that they will make several people happy with their test results and even save some lives.


If the specialist discovers polyps or some other anomalies during the colonoscopy, they take the samples and send them to further examination to a pathologist. Pathologists are doctor specialists who use the microscope to study pathological changes in cells, tissues and organs. They study the sample and determine a possible tissue change.

The following histopathological centres operate as part of the Svit Programme:

Oncological institute Ljubljana – Pathology department
Faculty of Medicine Ljubljana, Institute for pathology
UKC (University Medical Centre) Maribor – Pathology department
UKC (University Medical Centre) Ljubljana, SPS Gynaecology clinic, Pathology and cytology department

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