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The Ambassadors / JANA DEBELJAK


Name and surname: Jana Debeljak

Occupation: author and a TV show host on Gea TV channel

Where am I from: Ljubljana

My hobbies: gardening, music and arts, visiting art exhibitions, operas and classical music concerts

I am proud of: my vitality and personal growth. Of my positive way of seeing life.

Pleasures in my life: to travel and get acquainted with foreign cultures, finding good in people. I can be grateful.

Why have I decided to become a Svit Programme ambassador: because as a journalist, I am obliged to everything that brings good to people and because I seek good and I do not stress the bad. Because Svit Programme is one of the best things, which Slovenes ever got and, unfortunately, too little of them are aware that every individual is responsible for their own health and that participation in the programme such as Svit is a great privilege. Personally, I am more than grateful that they found and removed my husband’s polyps, whereas the Svit Programme staff did everything necessary. Svit is the programme that protects and pampers.

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