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The Ambassadors / JANEZ ŠTURM


Name and surname: Janez Šturm

Occupation: entrepreneur

Where do I live: Ljubljana – Škofljica

My hobbies: dancing, screen- and song-writing, mushroom picking, travelling

I am proud of: the fact that I am fair, I look good for my age and that people love me

Pleasures in my life: everything

Why have I decided to become a Svit Programme ambassador: in 2008 I was on Big Brother Show and on tv show V nedeljo popoldan. Because of this, I was in many magazines, mainly on yellow pages. I became a popular media personality. Svit Programme discovered I have cancer. Because the cancer was discovered early, it was operatively removed and now I am cured. The check-up after three years showed that everything was OK.

When I realized how useful the Svit Programme was, I self-initiatively decided to talk about the disease and the Svit Programme publicly through interviews and special article.

Because the Svit Programme just started implementing back then, I believe that my explanations in media helped to increase responsiveness.

When the Svit Programme realized my voluntary efforts to raise awareness, they invited me to join them. I became an ambassador. Because my simple explanation and personal experience, I am understandable to the crowd.

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