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The Ambassadors / KATICE


We, Katice, have been singing together for 20 years. We sing Slovenian folk songs. Sometimes we sing them as they were sung a long time ago when girls sang them in the evenings, during their chores, on their sad and on their happy days. Then on other times, we sing the songs in a different way, we set them in modern times, we add modern instruments, we change the rhythm or find some other way to set them in the present. We sing because we love Slovenian folk tradition and we wish to share it. We sing because we are good at it and it is our way of socializing.

We are Svit ambassadors because we believe that is better to be safe than sorry and in the field of colon cancer early detection of the disease represents higher chances of survival and better quality of life. Therefore, Katice are happy and proud to carry the title of Svit ambassadors.

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