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The Ambassadors / NIKA MIRT


Name and surname: Nika Mirt

Occupation: Student of College of polymer technology

Where do I live: Maribor, near Betnava forest

My hobbies: pencil drawing, snowboarding, writing and developing new food recipes (I also write recipes for a web page – we can almost say that this is a job)

I am proud of: my mother because she raised me well and I don’t know if I could go through all those operations and days in hospitals

Pleasures in my life: traveling (whether is to Portorož or to London), theatre (seeing a play, or to be in one), cooking, chemistry, it doesn’t matter if it is theoretical or practical

Why have I become a Svit Programme ambassador: to become a part of some community that deals with similar problems to mine and to find moral support to let me know that I am not the only one and that somebody understands me. I also decided to do this because I can help people and show them that there are many of us and that nobody is alone.

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