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Name and surname: Silvestra Brodnjak

Occupation: retired pedagogical workers from Skorba in Hajdina pri Ptuju municipality

My hobbies: photography, amateur writing for various newspapers, participating in Women and girls society of Hajdina municipality (Društvo žena in deklet občine Hajdina), in Mitra Hajdina Tourist society and in art-photography section of Hajdina municipalities

I am proud of: my first grandson Gašper Valentin

Pleasures in my life: working with people. My moto is: “Individually, we know something, together we know more”. I follow this moto ever since I started working.

Why have I decided to become a Svit Programme ambassador: I decided after IVZ (today NIJZ) tea party in 2010, when our president of the time, dr. Danilo Türk, stressed that great concern for prevention should come from the municipality level and from mayors. Members of Women and girls society of Hajdina municipality met with Marija-Lili Gričar from Gozd Martuljek and decided to implement an action to increase the responsiveness to Svit Programme, as we did some years earlier for early detection of breast cancer. The response rate rose from 41 % to 78 %. Our response rate is the highest in Maribor health region and we strive to keep it this way. As an ambassador of the Svit Programme, I am sharing our experience in other municipalities and societies.

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