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The Ambassadors / SONJA VARGAZON


Name and surname: Sonja Vargazon

Occupation: salesperson

Where do I live: I live in rural environment in the town called Selnica, which is located 10 km from Lendava. I dare to say that the polluted air and water, which are the consequences of Lendava industry, highly affect the health of people in nearer and wider vicinity.

My hobbies: I occupy myself with the production of biological food and small animals for personal needs

I am proud of: my family who support me

Pleasures in my life: cooking and relaxation in the nature gives me great pleasure

Why have I decided to become a Svit Programme ambassador: I am sure that my experience can help motivate many uncertain people to join the programme. Because I didn’t have any problems, and if I didn’t respond to the invitation, it could have been too late in a year or so. Thanks to the Svit Programme, I have been diagnosed with colon cancer and a malign melanoma. The treatment was short and painless because these diseases were discovered in time.

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