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The Ambassadors / ZLATKO DEBELJAK


Name and surname: Zlatko Debeljak

Occupation: retired person

Where do I live: Ljubljana

My hobbies: any kind of art, especially painting and music. I go to art exhibitions, opera and classical music concerts.

I am proud of: preservation of life optimism, sense of humour, my family.

Pleasures in my life: life by itself, contact with the nature

Why have I decided to become a Svit Programme ambassador: because of my personal experience. During the first screening, they found a few polyps and that was when I realized how important is to join the Svit Programme, despite the feeling that you are healthy. Thus, I believe that we should share our experience with those who think that colorectal cancer is reserved for others. Looking inside us, this way or the other, can save our lives. Svit Programme saved me as well as my family from a lot of suffering.

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