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Personal Experiences / METKA KRIVIC ROŽIČ



firstly, I would like to thank you for saving my sister with your fast screening service.

A vital 56 year old woman, slender, non-smoker, who pays attention to her health by leading a healthy diet and regular exercise, but still it happened. She responded to the letter she received from Programme Svit and got her faeces tested. It wasn’t long before she recieved her testing report back, which was positive, so you arranged her a colonoscopy shortly. When performing the colonoskopy, the doctor realized that she needed a surgery. She had a colonoscopy last Thursday and this Thursday she already underwent a surgery.

When she first found out about the diagnosis, she was shuttered and of course we, her loved ones, were devastated as well, because she has always been perfectly healthy. But the doctor gave her hope and encouraged her to hang on until the surgery.

I want to thank again to Programme Svit and everyone who participate in running it! Because of you, I still have my sister and I don’t know what would have happened in a month or two or maybe in half a year, if there wasn’t for you.

Greetings from Koper,

Metka Krivic Rožič

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