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USERS SUPPORT / Frequently asked questions

About the examination

What is a colonoscopy?
How does the colonoscopy look like?
Can colonoscopy be dangerous?
Is the colonoscopy painful?
Do I need an escort for the colonoscopy?
Do I have to schedule my appointment for colonoscopy or the Svit Programme will do this for me?
Where can I undergo a colonoscopy within the Svit Programme and can I choose the clinic myself?
Is the colonoscopy free of charge as part of the Svit Programme?
My period is scheduled on the day I have a colonoscopy appointment. Can I have the procedure anyway?
I am taking anticoagulants. Is this an obstacle for the colonoscopy?
I have diabetes. Is the colonoscopy procedure different in my case?
Do I prepare for colonoscopy – drink the laxative – at home or do I do this in the clinic, where colonoscopy will take place?
Can I drink some other laxative instead of the one that is recommended by the Svit Programme?

About the disease

What is colorectal cancer?
What is the prevalence of colorectal cancer in Slovenia?
What is a polyp?
Does the positive faecal occult blood test mean that I have cancer?
What are the risk factors for colorectal cancer?
What are the signs of colorectal cancer?
I would like to know about the so-called family burden of colorectal cancer.

About the programme

What is the Svit Programme?
What is the target population?
What does “screening” mean?
What do you mean with “Screening within the Svit Programme”?
What kind of screening test is used in Svit Programme?
I received a positive test results for faecal occult blood as part of the Svit Programme. Can the test be repeated?
As part of the Svit Programme, I have undergone a colonoscopy, they have removed the polyps and my check-up is in a year. Will I be invited to the Svit Programme again and will the Svit Programme arrange the date of my check-up?

Joining the program

How do I join Svit Programme?
I am not 50 years old yet. Can I join the Svit Programme?
I would like to know whether joining the Svit Programme could replace the colonoscopy.
I am 48 years old. I have been treated for chronic inflammatory bowel diseases for longer period. Is there any possibility of my inclusion in the Svit Programme?