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Firefighting Association of Slovenia was one of the first nongovernmental organizations to respond to the initiative regarding raising awareness on the importance of the Svit Programme in order to maintain health in people above 50 years of age. President of Firefighting Association of Slovenia said while signing the document on supporting Svit Programme: “Voluntary firefighting has a nearly 140-year-old tradition in Slovenia. People are uniting in firefighting associations in order to effectively prevent and extinguish fires. However, the tasks of such associations include much more than fire extinguishing and saving lives in case of fire. They represent a social support and solidary, unselfish help in any kind of misfortune. Help in distress is firefighters’ mission and thus we will gladly help the Svit Programme!

Firefighting association of Slovenia has supported Svit Programme since 2008. We support the idea and the foundation of the programme, which is based on the information and raising awareness regarding early detection of colorectal cancer and consequently early diagnosis and successful treatment. The most important part is the goal of the programme – saving people from early mortality due to one of the most common diseases of our time.”

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